BIG LOSS: photos of victims who died at the Calabar viewing centre tragedy among them is a fourteen year old girl



photos from the calabar viewing centre have emerged and amogst them is a 14-year-old girl identified as Blessing Okon Udo.

They were all electrocuted to death while watching the UEFA Europa League match between United and Anderlecht at a viewing centre in Calabar, Cross River State.

While narrating what happened on the fateful day, the father of the deceased little girl, Okon Udo tearfully said:



“I was away for work. When I came back, I understood there was a problem. I saw my daughter among the victims so I had to rush her to the hospital and she was certified dead. Her death is a big loss.”

Recalling Blessing’s love for football, he said: “She was a football lover. She even played football and I did not know she used to go there and watch football. This incident was the first time I knew she came here to watch football. She was a student at Holy Secondary School. She was in SS3 and was going to write her WAEC last month.”

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